The Gym Called.

I haven’t been to the gym in four days. The people at the gym called me today to make sure I was okay. They thought something was horribly wrong. So, I suppose I have to go tomorrow.

That’s my motivation to go and kick ass tomorrow.

I don’t know why I haven’t gone. Well, yes I do. Because if we’re being honest, I didn’t feel like it. I have no excuse. I wasn’t “too tired,” “too busy,” I wasn’t “too anything, except too lazy.

Which I can’t stand. I hate being lazy. I’m not going to be that hard on myself though, instead I’m just going to get back on track. I’ll get nowhere sitting around and feeling sorry for myself.

What do you guys do when you get off track? How do you get back on?

I know its what I want to do, I just haven’t done it. I can tell too. My mental health is feeling a tad sad, so I know I have to go tomorrow. For the sake of me.

Screw it. I’m not waiting until tomorrow, I’m going to go right now. I knew blogging about not going to the gym would guilt me into going!

Thanks for the help guys!

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