When Everyone is in Love

So ’tis the season to fall in love with anything with a pulse.

It’s pretty easy to feel the need to find someone for the summer.

But instead of worrying about finding “Mr./Mrs. Perfect, why don’t you worry about finding yourself some more.

Below is my list of ten things that I am going to do/find out about myself this summer. I’m going to be so busy with my own life I won’t even have time to worry about some guy. Please take this as an invite for you to find out these things about yourself, with me!




Things I’m Going to Find out:

1. If I like the beach or not – I grew up near a lake, and I seldom went to it. I don’t know If I like the beach or not. I’m going to go to the beach five times, and then I’ll reach my final verdict on if I want to go again, or not.

2. If I like hiking – I like to be outside. I like to be in nature. I’ve walked on trails before. I’m going to find out if I want to make hiking a consistent activity in my life.

3. I’m going to read at least five books – I love reading. Okay, I love the idea of loving to read. I enjoy sitting down and reading, I just never make time for it. That’s going to change this summer.

4. I’m going to learn basic German Phrases – I’m going to Germany next summer and I’d like not to make an ass of myself. I’m going to try and start learning some words.

5. I’m going to do more things without my phone in my hand – Whether that is watching a show with my dad, taking my dog for a walk, going on the boat, going out for ice cream… I need to learn that Relationships in person > Random acquaintances Facebook status’.

6. I’m going to go see fireworks on the Fourth of July – I haven’t gone to do that in 5 years. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, I will see fireworks this year.

7. I’m going to get another tattoo – I want the quote “If you can dance & be free, and not be embarrassed, you can rule the world” on my rib cage.

8. I’m going to be more present – I want to focus on my task that is in front of me at that current moment. I don’t want to be worried about my life in 15 years, because it’ll happen regardless.

9. I’m going to try to figure out if I’m religious or not – I think this is pretty self explanatory. I don’t know what I believe. I just know that I’m tired of not knowing for certain what I believe.

10. I’m going to do whatever the heck I want to do – Camping? Bonfire? Midnight swim? Sleep in on a day off? Bake? If that’s what I want to do, then I’m going to.


I hope this inspired you to make your own list! I hope you are just as excited to not have the title of “girlfriend/boyfriend” as I am for the summer.

Let’s get excited for celebrating ourselves, being the best we can be, and learning about the most important person in your life….yourself.




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